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Surface & sub-surface INSECT CONTROL PROGRAMS

Nuisance Pest Control is a 3 application program that starts late spring and is targeted to kill turf damaging insects and labeled to control fleas, ticks, chiggers, and spiders. The treatments are spaced out 30-45 days apart and are designed to spray all of the turf, in any landscape beds, under decking up to the foundation of the home. Program is guaranteed with free service calls in between sprays

Horticulture Program is a 4 step program throughout the year for ornamental trees and shrubs. It consists of 3 insect and disease sprays starting late spring through the summer months spaced about 30 to 45 days apart. The fourth step is a Root Zone Injection Fertilizer done in the late fall to overcome damage and promote the plant to the fullest vibrant growth.

Grub Control Program is a  sub-surface application done once a year to control grub worms from feeding on the root system of your grass.

More Insect Programs are in the works pending Licensing.

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