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April is Lawn Care Month

April is national lawn care month in the United States. Are you prepared to have your lawn looking great?

Here are some facts you might not have known about your lawn:

-A 50 by 50 foot lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of 4.

-1 acre of grass produces more oxygen than 1 acre of rainforest.

-Lawns can be 30 degrees cooler than blacktop.

-Lawns trap more than 12 million tons of dust and dirt annually. (The Lawn Institute)

  • Turfgrass, like that found in our lawns, is much cooler than asphalt or cement, acting as an “air conditioner” for the surrounding area (lawns can be 22 degrees cooler than urban asphalt "heat islands").

  • Healthy turfgrass has many miles of fibrous roots that hold soil and filter rainwater. (National Arboretum Grass Roots Project) A single grass plant can have more than 300 miles of roots.

  • It is estimated that a 50 by 50 foot lawn (2,500 square feet), releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and perosyacetyle nitrate.

  • Research has found that people find stress relief and healing when interacting with nature or even when just viewing nature on a computer screen or through a window. (Nature

For more information, visit and don't forget to make us Your Choice during National Lawn Care Month.

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