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Intro Blog

Hello my name is Dan Salyers and I will be in charge of this blog and the monthly newsletter Your Choice Lawncare will be issuing. As the seasons of lawn care and maintenance come upon us there will be plenty of subject matter that pertains to the time of year we are in. One thing any lawn care company can agree on is that for optimal results your lawn needs to be on a balanced fertilizer program, mowed at the right height, and watered properly throughout the year. At Your Choice Lawncare we know your time is valuable and we are here to help. This is our 11th year being in business and almost 40 years of experience combined between just Mike and I. As we get closer to spring I will cover the differences between early spring feeding and the importance of a sharp mower blade. Also the proper mowing height for fescue lawns. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate please hit that contact us button on the home screen. Also if there is any subject matter you would like me to go over feel free to email me some suggestions to I am looking forward to building a healthy business relationship and providing you with vasluable information to achieve a beautiful lawn.

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